Impactful Innovation

Today in Asia, many companies are already using digital innovation to change the world. Create experiences that impact customers. Improve every aspect of the business, and changes people's lives.


Innovation in Patrol Management


Near Field Communication

Tap it

Android & iOS (limited)


Up to 1 year of use

QR Code

Quick Response Code

Scan it

Android & iOS


Up to 1 year of use


Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacon

Bluetooth (radius up to 100m)

Android & iOS

Waterproof (IP67 up to 1 meter)

Battery lifetime up to 2 years

Mobile Network

Formerly CDMA, Now LTE. Digital innovation is changing the way the world communicates. Creating communication solutions that customers can rely on. Increase the range of communication even to remote areas, and changes people's lives.

Internet of Things

TempatKerja is designed with the user in mind. An intuitive, full-featured, integrated, easy-to-use product for all business and users.